This is not what we expected. While growing up, we - Fay & Daniel, who met each other at 12 years old - saw a lot of things that we as humans do so well, but most of the time we were also questioning a lot of things.

Why are there so many people constantly in a rush and stressed out? Why are grown-ups always in this rat race? And why are we as people destroying nature in the last decades to build things that we think it is good for us? If we as people can have so much joy of owning a dog and a cat.. What gives us the right to eat other animals? Stand up and do something that could have a minimal impact on only just a few things of these questions, is the beginning of Happyhaves.

At Happyhaves, we are just like you. We believe most humans have taken the earth for granted and need to take steps now to preserve its beauty and longevity.

Happyhaves is more than just a premium holistic wellness brand. We stand for something and we care about our people and planet (a lot). That's why we decided to donate at least 1% to environmental and animal charities.

happyhaves our story

At Happyhaves are committed to improve your mood and overall well-being. Whether in a home, office, studio, or anywhere in between, we create mindful moments that help you live more (re)connected within.

With their questions and planet in mind, Fay and Daniel were passionate about creating a wellness-based home health experience that melded ancient therapeutic practices with modern, earthy designs for a new kind of relaxation in our intense, modern world. 

Out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty, Happyhaves started in California in 2018. Fay and Daniel, who are originally from The Netherlands (Europe), decided to take the home experience to a whole new level.

Their common vision of elevating aromatherapy practices has transformed how tens of thousands of people experience mindfulness and holistic happiness in their day-to-day lives.

From their first days of packing orders in an apartment to today, Fay and Daniel remain dedicated to providing all human souls with beautiful products and cultivating a team of individuals who share their goals and values: make an impact and make people and our planet happy.


owner happyhaves lavender farm about us
''With our products people can escape from the hassle in their life and finally have a mindful moment for themselves. It's our goal to improve the holistic happiness of people and truly bring more awareness of where our world is going.'' - FAY (OWNER HAPPYHAVES)